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JBHG Thanksgiving Outreach Program

Updated: Jan 16

In honor of Thanksgiving, the JBHG team in the Philippines gave out meals in the slums of Sta. Mesa, Manila, to feed over 40 underprivileged families, children, or workers experiencing homelessness or lack of secured shelter on November 23, 2022.

Poverty, homelessness, and lack of nourishment continue to challenge the well-being of most people in the Philippines and many other countries like the United States. As a result, people may have to deal with severe physical, mental, and emotional health consequences. These topics are still considered serious global issues, so it is a moral imperative and social responsibility to address poverty, homelessness, and lack of nourishment due to inadequate food supplies and inflation rates.

This Thanksgiving mini outreach and feeding program is just one of the initiatives JBHG plans to conduct to give back to the community, especially our neighbors in need. Johnson Behavioral Health Group is committed to helping people fight starvation, bringing hope by brightening their day, and giving them more reasons to live a better life tomorrow.

This initiative is part of our program, “The Joy of Building Hope and Gratitude,” as our movement to give meaningful contributions to society and bring hope for people for a better future. We at JBHG can support those less fortunate than us through this outreach program, even in the humblest ways. We are thankful for all our blessings, so to express our gratitude, we are honored to share these blessings with less fortunate people who need relief and assistance the most.

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