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The information provided here is intended to help our patients better understand how they may be reimbursed for services provided by Johnson Behavioral Health Group.

We recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm your level of coverage with an out-of-network provider in advance of your visit to our office.

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Office Visits

Generally, patients with coverage can be reimbursed for all or part of their visit with our providers.


The amount of reimbursement you receive from your insurance company depends on your specific plan, your copay and your annual deductible.


Many insurance plans impose caps on the amount that a patient may be reimbursed for an office visit.


You may pay credit card and debit card.

Lab Work

While our office does not bill insurance, almost all of the laboratories that we work with can and do bill insurance on the patient’s behalf.

There are lab companies that offer a “prompt pay” discount when you prepay for your lab work, instead of the lab billing your insurance company.

In some cases, depending on your insurance carrier and the amount of the prompt pay discount, our office will recommend that you choose the prompt pay option to lock in a lower price.

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